Whiteside County Courts Zoom Information


  • Attorneys and Litigants who are physically present in the Courtroom will have priority on Court days.
  • Physically present parties will have their cases heard first. If you choose to use Zoom - please be aware that your case will be delayed until the Judge has dealt with those cases physically present first. You may experience up to an hour's delay depending on the Court call that day.

Download Zoom and Phone in Meetings Documents (PDF) for more details.

Administrative Order for Remote Appearances and Procedures (PDF)

Please Read the Rules before joining a Zoom Court Session

Remember even though you are using Zoom, you are attending a Court Procedure and all Court Rules should be followed.

Conduct during a Zoom appearance

  • Be appropriately attired for court. No clothing or background with inappropriate messages or images.
  • Do not use vulgar or offensive language.
  • Use full names on your remote account. Nicknames or offensive names will not be allowed access. If you are an attorney, please designate that on your remote account.
  • If appearing in any fashion by telephone only, contact your counsel, opposing counsel, or the clerk to identify yourself.
  • Always maintain a muted connection, unless otherwise directed by the judge presiding.
  • No recording of proceedings is allowed.
  • No smoking or drinking beverages is permitted.
  • Turn off all music, televisions, ceiling fans, and other distractions and noises during your appearance.
  • Appear from a location with adequate lighting, sound control, and no visible distractions in the background.
  • If appearing in a vehicle, it must not be in motion.
  • Observe proper courtroom decorum.
  • Do not interrupt or speak over the judge.
  • In civil matters, it is helpful if the petitioner/plaintiff speaks first so parties are not talking at once and over each other.
  • If you do not appear at the time designated, your case may be heard without you.
  • If you are unable to connect remotely or do not respond to the Court, you will be shown as not appearing in the Court's records. 


  • Note that if you are planning to appear remotely in a civil matter (except during regularly scheduled CMC calls) that is non-testimonial in nature, please file with the Clerk a notice of your intent to appear remotely at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled hearing.  Hearing transcripts involving at least one remote party are likely to contain "inaudible" entries.
  • If these guidelines are not being followed the Judge does have the right to disconnect your Zoom session and have you appear in person, in the Court Room.

If you are not sure which judge is hosting the meeting that you need to attend please call the Morrison Circuit Clerks Office at 815-772-5188 or the Sterling Circuit Clerks Office at 815-535-4530

  1. Unavailable - Courtroom A
  2. Judge Steines - Courtroom B
  3. Unavailable -  Courtroom C
  4.  Unavailable -Courtroom 102
  5. Judge Heuerman - Courtroom 108

Morrison Courtroom A Zoom Hearing 

  • Join Courtroom A Zoom Hearing (meeting ID 878-5385-4899) or please call 1-312-626-6799 for "Call In"