1. Circuit Judges
  2. Departments
  3. Whiteside County Courts

14th Judicial Circuit

  • Clarence M. Darrow, Chief Judge
  • James G. Conway
  • Peter W. Church
  • Frank R. Fuhr
  • John L. Mc Gehee
  • Colby G. Hathaway
  • Norma Kauzlarich
  • Kathleen E. Mesich
  • Terence M. Patton
  • Stanley B. Steines
  • Trish A. Senneff
  • Linnea E. Thompson

Associate Judges

  • James J. Cosby
  • Daniel Dalton
  • Matthew W. Durbin
  • Michelle S. Fitzsimmons
  • Derek L. Hancks
  • James F. Heuerman
  • Theodore G. Kutsunis
  • Jennifer Rangel-Kelly
  • Clayton R. Lee
  • Richard A. Zimmer


  • Attorneys and Litigants who are physically present in the Courtroom will have priority on Court days.
  • Physically present parties will have their cases heard first. If you choose to use Zoom - please be aware that your case will be delayed until the Judge has dealt with those cases physically present first. You may experience up to an hour's delay depending on the Court call that day.

Download Court Documents and Forms for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois (PDF)