When should a parent begin to take steps to combat the gang problem?

Now. Some parents, either through ignorance or denial, find out their son or daughter is in a gang when they get a phone call from a police department, hospital, or morgue. A child's getting into a gang is not an overnight decision. Parents should look, listen, and turn their awareness up a notch. Look at what your child is wearing, whom he or she is associating with, and whether there is an overall change in attitude towards you or life in general. Listen to what your child says, and especially to what others say. Many parents turn a deaf ear or bristle when they hear from neighbors, other parents, and school personnel that their child may be in a gang. Your child may present himself or herself one way in your presence, and have a totally hidden gang life outside the home. Ignorance is no excuse. Look for the signs and then address the issue. Solicit help from others, then take control. It can be done.

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1. I think my son or daughter is in a gang. How can I be sure?
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13. When should a parent begin to take steps to combat the gang problem?