Should I search my child's room?

Absolutely! You own the house! You pay the rent! My colleague at the probation department I work for told me of a woman she knew, who asked for her help some time ago. She suspected her son was involved with gangs, but felt uneasy going into his room. My colleague and she went into the son's room and there they found a new 25-inch color TV, (bigger than the 19" TV the family used in the living room) a new VCR, and money, lots of money. Mostly in small denominations of 10's and 20's. Stuffed between the mattress and box springs and found in a dresser drawer, the amount was staggering. This young man was not employed, so he certainly had some explaining to do. The woman wisely asked for the help of her extended family using her son's rather sizeable uncles and cousins. All were waiting for the young man when he got home, and the dialogue began. If you suspect your son or daughter is involved with gangs or drugs, search their bedroom. If you don't have an extended family to confront your son or daughter, look to your co-workers, neighbors, parishioners, gang outreach personnel, etc. You must become resourceful. Drastic times call for drastic measures!

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