What should schools do to combat the gang problem?

Meet the problem head-on. Adopt a zero-tolerance approach. Principals, administrators, and teachers should determine how much gang activity their school has and then take steps toward abatement. Many schools have policies, which address gang problems. These policies include some of the following: banning starter jackets and other professional and collegiate sports team apparel, banning pagers and portable phones, or having a closed campus. Schools must work in conjunction with parents and local law enforcement officials to find as many resources as they can to battle the problem and help save these kids.

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1. I think my son or daughter is in a gang. How can I be sure?
2. My child admits to being in a gang. What do I do now?
3. Are gangs just made up of Blacks and Hispanics from the inner city?
4. Are there any girl gangs?
5. There seems to be a lot of gang activity coming from my neighbor's house. What should I do?
6. Are gangs just made up of kids and teenagers?
7. How big is the gang problem?
8. Who runs these gangs?
9. What should schools do to combat the gang problem?
10. I'm a single mother and have to work full time. How can I keep my children away from gangs?
11. Is gang graffiti just meaningless scribble or is it some type of art?
12. Should I search my child's room?
13. When should a parent begin to take steps to combat the gang problem?