Are gangs just made up of Blacks and Hispanics from the inner city?

Gangs cut across all ethnic and racial lines. It's true that the majority of gangs are made up of these two groups; however, there is a growing number of white adolescents who are either joining minority gangs or forming their own. These white adolescent gangs copy many of the same characteristics as minority gangs, such as clothing styles, hand signs, colors, symbols, and graffiti. Unfortunately, they have also adopted the same types of crimes: selling drugs, extortion, and drive-by shootings, to name a few. Larger city gangs migrate to smaller suburban towns to spread their drug trade and look for prospective members. Many people think that the trenchcoat mafia was a group of social outcasts when in reality they were a gang.

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3. Are gangs just made up of Blacks and Hispanics from the inner city?
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