What are the primary duties of the County Recorder?

The Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording, archiving and retrieving documents submitted to be recorded. The Recorder’s primary responsibility is the managing of land records within Whiteside County. The Recorder's Office is a keeper of records with a main focus of accurately and timely recording and indexing various documents submitted for recording. 

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1. What are the primary duties of the County Recorder?
2. What information do I need to get a copy of a deed?
3. How do I get a copy of a document?
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5. Do I have any liens?
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7. Does the Recorder's Office have blank forms?
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9. What form of payment does the Recorder's Office accept?
10. Can you tell me when my house was built?
11. How do I find my property lines?
12. Are there easements on my property?
13. What are the earliest dates of record?
14. Is a Tract Index available?