What are “Spring Postings”?

Sometimes referred to as “frost laws”, “Spring Postings” refer to the temporary reduction of weight limits on some roads due to the condition of the road.  In the spring when temperatures begin to rise to the point that the frozen ground begins to thaw, the ground thaws from the surface downward.  As the top thaws, and in particular the ground supporting the road, the road becomes susceptible to damage because there is a soft layer between the road and the frozen ground farther down.  Often times the softer layer will “boil” up through the road surface, damaging the road.  Heavier loads can cause significant damage to the road surface.  The reduced weight limit helps to limit the damage.  Once the frost is gone the road returns to its stable condition.  When the County staff has determined that roads are getting too soft the County will install the reduced weight limit signs at the ends of the sections of road that are affected.  Public Notices are issued to let the public know of the Spring Posting limits and will issue a Public Notice once the season has ended.  Local agencies are limited to posting roads to no more than 90 consecutive days.

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