How do I find my property lines?
  • The legal description(s) on a deed describes the boundaries of a particular parcel/property.
    • Lot and Block legal descriptions are based on a subdivision plat. (plats that have been recorded)
    • Metes and Bounds legal descriptions are within a particular Section, Township, and Range
    • If property pins (generally made of iron or steel and long enough to extend below the frost line) were set, your property lines may be found utilizing a metal detector to locate the pins of your property. If you can locate one pin, you may utilize the recorded plat or deed to help with dimensions to establish the general locations of the remaining pins or the general location of the boundaries of your property.
    • The only guaranteed way to determine the exact location of your property lines is to hire an Illinois Licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).
  • You may wish to visit the county's Parcel Viewer
    • enter PIN number or address
    • this will give an idea of where the property lines are
    • this is NOT a survey
    • You may wish to contact an Illinois Licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) or an attorney if lines are in question.
  • Civil disputes over the location of property lines with adjoining private properties is not within the enforcement authority of Whiteside County.

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