Will I receive restitution or compensation for property loss and injuries?

If the defendant is convicted, the judge may order, as part of the sentence, that the defendant pay restitution to the victim. Restitution, if ordered, will cover only expenses that the victim has sustained as a direct result of the crime. The problem in securing restitution is that many defendants have no ability to pay restitution or are sentenced to prison where there is no likelihood that they will send money to the victim.

The State's Attorney will always try to seek restitution if there is some hope of it being paid. However, it is up to the sentencing judge to determine the amount and to order payment.

When restitution is ordered, payment is generally spread out over several months and payments are made through the Circuit Clerk's Office.

Injuries suffered as a result of certain crimes are recoverable through the Victim's Compensation Act.

If you sustain a physical injury (no property loss is considered) that results in $200 or more of expenses and the injury was from certain violent crimes, you may file a claim with the Illinois Attorney General's Office under the Victim's Compensation Act.

The State's Attorney's Victim/Witness Assistant can assist you in processing a claim.

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