State's Attorney

The State’s Attorney has various duties and powers, including

  • To commence and prosecute all 
    • Traffic
    • Misdemeanor
    • Felony
    • Conservation offenses
    • All juvenile matters in Whiteside County
    • Tax proceedings
    • Asset forfeitures
  • To provide legal advice to the 
    • Sheriff
    • Circuit Clerk
    • Treasurer
    • Recorder
    • Coroner
    • County Clerk
    • Regional Superintendent of Schools
    • Assessor
    • Highway and Health Departments
    • and other county agencies
  • To provide legal advice and representation to the County Board
  • To seek justice for victims of crimes
  • To provide advice and training to all local law enforcement agencies
State's Attorney's Offices are located in both the Morrison and Sterling courthouses.
Morrison::                                           Sterling:
200 East Knox                                   101 East Third Street
Morrison, IL 61270                            Sterling, IL 61081                                      
For 2023, the State's Attorney's budget is: $1,161,670


State's Attorney's Message

"It is my honor and privilege to serve as Whiteside County States Attorney"

Terry A. Costello