County Administrator

The County Administrator’s Office has two primary missions.

  • First, the office is a service center for other departments that comprise the County of Whiteside, Illinois, and its affiliate employers. Issues involving human resources, insurance, and budget management are prime examples of centralized services provided by this office on behalf of others.
  • Second, the office acts as an administrative interface between the Whiteside County Board and the departments/affiliate employers that make up Whiteside County. The office is located in the Whiteside County Courthouse.

Personnel Costs include the employer’s portion of the health insurance premiums paid by the County’s Corporate Fund. Employees: 3 full-time employees, and 1 part-time employee not including members of the Whiteside County Board.

Controlling Board

The Whiteside County Board with its standing and advisory committees.

Types & Categories Of Records

Budget/budget status reports, some audits and results of competitive bids and contracts, office correspondence, policies/codified ordinances, administrative correspondence to and from the office and the Whiteside County Board, open minutes of regular and special meetings of the County Board and its standing and advisory committees (via the County Clerk), claims and payroll information, including collective bargaining agreements, unless exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.