About Your Tax Bill

The County Collector mails ONE tax bill for every parcel in Whiteside County. The taxes are payable in two installments. You will receive a bill even if your mortgage company pays your taxes. We do NOT have your mortgage information. Please contact your mortgage lender if you have questions regarding your escrow. Please keep the bill for your records.

The County Collector only collects your taxes, and distributes to taxing districts. We are not responsible for your assessment, the amount of your bill, exemptions, or any change of address. Failure to receive a tax bill or receiving one late, for any reason, will not relieve tax payer from paying taxes or late penalties. An address change may be made by mailing a Tax Bill Change of Address Form (PDF) to the Supervisor of Assessments. 

PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TAX STUB WITH YOUR PAYMENT! This is particular to the payment you are making and will avoid any return of payment for inadequate information. No partial payments are accepted. Payments must be made in full installments as shown on the bill or both may be paid in full by the first due date.

GO PAPERLESS! Did you know you can receive your tax bill electronically? This is for real estate bills only. You will need the registration code found on the front of your tax bill. Please visit Property Tax Electronic Billing Registration.

  • View and print your bill wherever you have an internet connection, whether home or away.
  • Receive bills sooner – No waiting for Post Office delivery.
  • No more lost bills – your bills will always be available online, whenever you need them.