Collector / Treasurer

The County Treasurer shall receive and safely keep the revenues and other public monies of the county, and all money and funds authorized by law be paid to her, and disburse the same pursuant to law.  The County Treasurer must keep a record of all such funds and report monthly to the County Board the balances of these funds.

The County Collector prepares bills for the purpose of tax collection of real estate, drainage, and mobile home taxes within Whiteside County.  Upon receipt of tax monies, the County Collector proceeds to disburse these funds to more than 140 taxing districts.  The 2022 taxes payable 2023 total to be collected are $90,300,822.,72. Real Estate tax is $87,763,024.06, drainage tax is $588,957.04 and railroad tax is $1,948,841.62.

2023 Important Tax Dates

  • April 14 - Mobile Home tax bills mailed
  • May 11 - Real Estate tax bills mailed
  • May 11 - Credit card payments accepted for real estate tax
  • June 1 - Mobile Home Tax Due
  • June 14 - 1st Installment Due Date Real Estate Tax
  • June 15 - 1.5% penalty applied, Penalty chart (PDF).
  • September 1 - 2nd Installment Due Date Real Estate Tax
  • September 1 - Last day to pay at bank
  • September 2 - 1.5% penalty applied, Penalty Chart (PDF)
  • September 22 - Certified delinquent real estate and mobile home tax letters mailed
  • October 6 - Last day to pay real estate taxes with personal/business checks
  • October 6 - Last day to pay before the publication of delinquent taxes
  • October 16 to 20 - Publication of delinquent taxes
  • October 20 - Last day to pay with e-check
  • October 27 - Last day to pay with a credit card
  • November 1 - Last day to pay taxes in our office
  • November 2 - Annual Real Estate/Mobile Home tax sale at 2 pm